Amah Mutsun Territory . San Juan Grade Road, Salinas . 2012 . SD

A guide to walking an 800-mile path from the Coast Miwok Village of Huichi in Sonoma to Kosa'aay, a Kumeyaay village site in San Diego.  

I'm a settler born and raised in San Francisco. In 2011, I felt like there was something deeply wrong here, in this city at the edge of Manifest Destiny. Waves of fortune-seekers had been crashing on this land for centuries now, seeking gold, seeking land, some kind of wealth to possess. It felt like there was little left but the dollar and an inorganic structure of schooling and bizarre notions of success to guide you to it.

I wondered what all of us had in common--those of us who had always been here, those who came here by choice, and those who came by force. The only thing I could think of was the earth. 

Though this land isn't mine, I thought by walking on it without trying to possess it, I might learn something. I hoped it would be a way for me to get out of my daily routine, try to humble myself, live without the things I was told I needed, and appreciate what's around us all. 

I fundraised for the walk and in turn promised to publish a free online trail guide so that others might follow the path if they wished.  

Disclaimer: I'd really rather not add this, but since we are a litigious people: Please note that the author assumes no legal or financial responsibility for advice given in the above guide. Follow at your own risk. And check with your doctor before undertaking a new exercise routine.